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The Hive Studio Verona Italy

A press office and creative communications consultancy

The Hive Studio is a press office and creative communications consultancy for optical companies and eyewear brands. Run by a team of experts with a mix of publishing, creative, media and public relations experience, The Hive Studio secures print, online, blog and news editorial coverage (B2B) and runs social media on behalf of some of their clients. Based in Verona and London, The Hive Studio currently works with clients in Italy, USA, UK, Spain and Barbados on single projects or as a retained PR resource, complementing in-house press offices or providing a complete service with press monitoring and media planning. The work is founded upon thorough research, solid contacts, timely communication and constant availability of our team, drawing on a reliable sense of the news-worth of projects and an established history of successful and varied media work, from major international projects to one-off local announcements in the local language.